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V S C O   X – My First Day

Today, VSCO gave me the chance to test and enjoy their brand new product; the new VSCO X … now the app comes to live because is a membership that let us enjoy all their presets, and receive the new ones and more creative tools only paying the subscription that cost $19,99 per year.

– VSCO X FILM: KP1 – KP4 – FP4 – KX4
When you will join in the VSCO X xperience, you will receive a new style of presets inspired in all cameras called like VSCO FILM, these amazing new tools have advanced setting in every preset and I have to say that works really really good. Now I will show you the final result that I got with some good photos that I have here:





The typical VSCO presets with amazing results



Do you like it? I have to say that the VSCO X process the photos with a new tecnology really brilliant that make your work better and better … like you can see during the galleries of every new preset.


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