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M I S S I N G   M Y   L I T T L E   B I G   F A M I L Y

At the end of “WHY HIM?” (last James Franco movie), the guy wants to surprise to his girlfriend and invites to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, during a moment the Kiss members speak with the GF parents and a proud mother says:

” I’m member of ‘KISS Army’ since High School ”

And I felt really sad thinking in our lost Metclub, if it will happen with James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett … this mom will be proud to be a fifth member? I’m sorry but I think NOT. Sad but True.

The movie is really really fun, you have to watch it!

WHY HIM (Trailer)

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C H A S I N G    M A V E R I C K S

Only my favourite movie ever … with this film you will learn more life values than in millions of books or other boring movies. Here you will find the happy, the pain, the motivation, the love … and dont forget: ” LIVE LIKE JAY”.



Wonderful song that I used for my first GOPRO video in 2015, but I have to used again, now that I record a little better.