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W O R L D W I R E D   T O U R   T E E 

Some weeks ago, the Metallica Worldwired Tour started … when I saw the Tour merch, I didn’t like the most part of the tees … but when I saw this … I said … I HAVE TO BUY! But Mery decided to present me by my Saint, thank ou so much.

I ordered to the new Metallica European Store, supported by Music glue (before Backstreetmerch), and it’s my first order with this supporter, I will tell the xperience when I will receive my tee. (ORDERED THE SAT AND THE MONDAY IT WAS SHIPPED!)

Metallica · My Life · Our Shops

m y   L A S T   S H O P S

I found this amazing BLACK CRAFT CULT tee with free shipping and I had to get it; the best is the art, looks like if the eye will can watch you!

I need a new beanie … ok, I love this Vans logo … the choice was really easy.

One year ago, I got the Tony Squindo’s book “YEAR OF SKULL” in this book appears the guys like skulls made with pencils … ok, Metallica took all these skulls and put them on a tee and here is. Metallica and Squindo work really good, and for this reason I bought twice.