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W O R L D W I R E D   T O U R   T E E 

Some weeks ago, the Metallica Worldwired Tour started … when I saw the Tour merch, I didn’t like the most part of the tees … but when I saw this … I said … I HAVE TO BUY! But Mery decided to present me by my Saint, thank ou so much.

I ordered to the new Metallica European Store, supported by Music glue (before Backstreetmerch), and it’s my first order with this supporter, I will tell the xperience when I will receive my tee. (ORDERED THE SAT AND THE MONDAY IT WAS SHIPPED!)

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M E R Y   V O N   O U T F I T S ‘1 6

2016 was a great great year, new Metallica & Blink 182 sounds, amazing shops, the discover of new artists like Dororthy in music, Herring & Herring in art … and all creative stuff that we love … but wait we had the best and craziest Mery Von Leather outfits too!

Here you will find a little gallery with her wild style during this great and long 2016 … leather, rock tees, crazy hair, latex, customized clothes by ourselves, pvc … 


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T H A N K   Y O U   S O   M U C H   U N I V E R S A L   M U S I C

This morning I received some cool goodies from the amazing people of Universal Music Spain … yeah, a good bunch of Hardwired … To Self-Destruct merch:

– Hardwired … To Self-Destruct T-Shirt
– Hardwired Mug
– Hardwired … Too Self-Destruct Buttoms
– Hardwired … Too Self-Destruct Bag

My favourite thing is the mug, the black and the quality are really amazing.

While enjoy their last night performance at Jimmy Kimmel show:

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M E T A L L I C A  :  C L A S S I C S   T E E S   M A T T E R S 

At the beginning of this year, my girlfriend decided get all the Metallica classic tees and got a good bunch of them, then around September the low-cost brands “though” the same … they bought the amazing Pushead arts to Metallica and then destroyed them, burning the colours or changing them … and the worst … they printed on bad quality tees. But anyway, thanks to these things you can to know who wear the tees for posh.
Ok, forget all da shit … during this week my gf received her last two classic adquisitions, but not the last ones (all from :



These ones, didnt appear in the low-cost stores yet, but maybe will appear for their “spring collections”. While you can see in the next selections, her favourite ones:

And finally in this last selection​ you will enjoy the tees during the “everyday”:

Some of classic music to enjoy an amazing Xmas Thursday. 

Have a nice day!